Spotlight: Company Man Studios

Rob Tiisler headshot.png

Rob Tiisler, Founder of Company Man Studios

Last month, we toured Company Man Studios in Tampa. Founder & Executive Creative Director, Rob Tiisler had just wrapped up a meeting with a client and was about to enjoy some Buddy Brew Coffee when I walked in. 

He quickly introduced his team, each of them chatting about the Christmas party the night before. He emphasized that his work begins and ends with just that: people. 

In the words of Company Man themselves, "its all about the company we keep."

We care for the people we work with. Staff. Collaborators. Clients. It doesn’t matter. Every person—and project—are treated with the same level of integrity and respect. After all, the relationships we have are how we measure our success.

And, we consider ourselves to be pretty successful.

This is how they choose to describe themselves -- not with a list of awards, a running count of videos produced in a year, or how big of a company they have to grown to become. But rather with the relationships they've built and sustained along the way. Company Man aims to connect with clients and audiences, and to make an impact inside their organization by helping others grow and succeed. 

In this video, Rob Tiisler gives advice to up-and-coming film and digital media professionals, and encourages them to earn more work by instilling great work ethic and values early on.