Spotlight: Sound Asylum


Tim Fowler, owner-producer-sound designer- composer,
Sound Asylum

Last month, we sat down with Tim Fowler, owner of Sound Asylum, to talk about his 23-year career in Tampa Bay, producing original music for commercials, scoring for TV/Film, sound design, ADR and more.

After beginning his career as an ad agency copywriter and creative director, he took his talent as a musician and songwriter and began to write jingles for clients. In 1996, Fowler decided to strike out solo and open his own production studio to serve agencies and production companies.

Over the last two decades, Tim’s unique skillset has allowed him to bring more to the table for his long-term clients.

Fowler says, “Whether a movie-score, big budget commercial, web video, or simple 15 second radio spot, how information is received matters so much more than the words or meaning. People act on emotion. Not information. Like an emotional translator, whatever sound or music I design, my job is to make sure the message is heard and understood, first, by the heart.”

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Jesse Brock