Dwight Jeridore

Special Skills & Experience: Screenwriter, film editor, Production Assistant, PPA/location experience. Credits: SCRIPT – Screen Writer 2016: NA

Jonathan Schork

Special Skills & Experience: writer, producer, director, actor, art direction, location scout, sets & costumes design & construction, editor Credits: ART – Art Director 2013: G_O_O_M_B_A_S 2012: a rose for cecile 2010: moongate: forest of ghosts 2009: the nightwatchman 2009: the rings 2008: voile: sails in the desert COSTUME – Costumer 2013: G_O_O_M_B_A_S 2012: a… Read more »

Kimberly Kayton

Special Skills & Experience: Award Winning Author who has worked behind the scenes with entertainers both well known and virtually unknown. Allow my creativity to help your next project be the best it can be. Credits: LOCATIONS – Scout 2016: The Chosen ( Ontario Canada, Buffalo New York ) SCRIPT – Screen Writer 2016: The… Read more »

Michael Garland

Special Skills & Experience: I am currently a freelance writer looking for work in screenplays or commercials. Most of my experience is in writing screenplay features, shorts, television commercials, and company blogs for search engine optimization. I also have about a year of experience as a production assistant, grip, and lighting tech on various commercials,… Read more »