Jonathan Schork

Special Skills & Experience: writer, producer, director, actor, art direction, location scout, sets & costumes design & construction, editor Credits: ART – Art Director 2013: G_O_O_M_B_A_S 2012: a rose for cecile 2010: moongate: forest of ghosts 2009: the nightwatchman 2009: the rings 2008: voile: sails in the desert COSTUME – Costumer 2013: G_O_O_M_B_A_S 2012: a… Read more »

Laura Clements

Producer and storyteller with live, broadcast, cable and digital experience spanning credits on Netflix, Food Network, PBS, MTV, History, Travel Channel, HGTV, Oxygen, Lifetime and FYI Network series. Proficient at working with all levels of creative talent in various roles such as development and strategy, talent and casting, field coordination and post production. Hands on… Read more »