Donna Suter

Special Skills & Experience: Location scouts, managers and site reps. Over 30 years in film. We also offer Stunt Drivers, Precision Drivers, Police Cars, camera cars, trucks and The Russian Arm SUV. Credits: LOCATIONS – Manager 2016: Dead By Midnight (11 Central) 2016: Jersey Devil 2016: Lost Laundry STUNTS – Precision Driver 2016: 24:Legacy 2016:… Read more »

Jonathan Schork

Special Skills & Experience: writer, producer, director, actor, art direction, location scout, sets & costumes design & construction, editor Credits: ART – Art Director 2013: G_O_O_M_B_A_S 2012: a rose for cecile 2010: moongate: forest of ghosts 2009: the nightwatchman 2009: the rings 2008: voile: sails in the desert COSTUME – Costumer 2013: G_O_O_M_B_A_S 2012: a… Read more »

Dan Shepherd

Special Skills & Experience: I have 20+ years working in network broadcast television, coordinating major news and corporate events, doing site surveys and location management in a variety of difficult locations, while working under tight deadlines